230 MW Garadag Solar PV Plant (Area 60)

As part of the project, earthworks, digging of cable channels, filling of main external and internal roads, leveling of the surface of the area from 001 to 011, bricklaying of various types of cable channels were carried out. In addition, inverters, NQ transformers, Fencing, Grossing, and concrete works were carried out in NQ cable channels. In addition to providing fine coarse sand for cable ducts, electrical cable marking tape was also carried out.

As a third-party company, Holchim, KBT and Unique Lab performed tests during the project. The entire ticketing and construction installation phase of the project was inspected by HAS Technik's Quality Assurance and Quality Control department and other leading companies. At the end of the project, all work was handed over to PMC and DEC, who replaced the Customer's representative.

TYPESolar panel installation project
LOCATIONGaradagh / Gobustan
SIZE22 000 m3 for access road (Excavation and filling material) / 16 000 m3 top layer material for access road. Site 001,002,003,004,005,006,007,008,009,010,011 - Excavation and filling Site leveling 700 000 m3 / Topsoil material Total Site 200 000 m3. c) Internal road surface is 20,000 m3 1300 m3 concrete pour for inverter foundation and OG transformer e) 400 m3 concrete pour for OG cable trench 600 m3 concrete pour for Light pole path and Grossing 700 m3 concrete pour for fence foundation 700 m3 concrete pour for the entire area laying 55,000 m3 of fine sand for various types of cable trench.